September 15, 2016

About Us

About the MNBC Ministry of Youth

The MNBC Ministry of Youth, also known as Métis Youth British Columbia (MYBC), is a voluntarily driven youth urgent essay help governing body that represents and advocates on behalf of Métis youth at the community, provincial and national level. The Ministry of Youth ensures that Métis Youth are involved and engaged in all levels of governance, both within and outside of the Métis Nation British Columbia.

The Ministry of Youth facilitates open discussions about Métis youth issues and challenges to find solutions through governance and policies. The Ministry of Youth brings together dynamic youth leaders from across BC with incredibly valuable skills and knowledge. Through meetings, conferences, group discussions, and skill-development workshops, MYBC members are able to identify common issues and challenges that Métis youth face today.
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See the MYBC Annual Youth Meeting video:


Did you know?

The fiddle was historically the main musical instrument of the Métis people. Fiddling is a barless structure that uses only a small part of the bow, creating a bounce to the tune that is typical in Métis music.

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