September 15, 2016

About Us

About the MNBC Ministry of Youth

The Métis Youth British Columbia Committee (MYBC), is a voluntarily driven youth governing body that represents and advocates on behalf of Métis youth at the community, provincial and national level. MYBC identifies the needs, experiences, and desires of the Métis Youth across the province and provides feedback to Métis Nation British Columbia staff (operations).

The information provided by MYBC influences The Ministry of Youth (MOY) program and event planning, which MOY staff coordinates and oversees to support Métis Youth. These two entities work closely together to ensure that Métis Youth needs are addressed in real-time, and are involved and engaged in all levels of governance, both within and outside of the Métis Nation British Columbia.

See the MYBC Annual Youth Meeting video:


Did you know?

Louis Riel was a renowned Métis leader, founder of Manitoba, and a central figure in the Red River and North-West resistances. Riel led two popular Métis governments, was central in bringing Manitoba into Confederation, and was executed for high treason for his role in the 1885 resistance.

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