Cassidy Caron

About Cassidy

| Minister Responsible for Youth/MYBC Chairperson |

My name is Cassidy Caron! I am the Métis Nation BC (MNBC) Minister Responsible for Youth and the Provincial Métis Youth Chairperson!

My Métis roots lie in Batoche, Saskatchewan where my maternal grandparents, Marie Odile Boucher and Jean-Baptiste Caron, were raised. I was born in the Kootenays and was fortunate to grow up knowing of my Métis heritage and to be involved in our community.

I began my involvement with MNBC by serving as my community’s youth representative for a number of years before moving to Vancouver Island to attend university. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in First Nations Studies and History. Now residing in Vancouver, I am pursuing my passion working with and learning from Indigenous communities across Canada as a research associate with Reciprocal Consulting. In my work I gain various skills to support Indigenous communities through effective program and capacity strengthening.

I have been fortunate to remain connected to Métis youth communities across the province in the many cities I have lived. Through networking opportunities, attending youth leadership retreats, Unified Aboriginal Youth Collective forums, MNBC AGMs, and other events, I have created and strive to build a supportive network of Métis youth who are seeking opportunities to learn and share their knowledge of our Métis history and culture.

I am excited for this opportunity to continue to grow as a strong Métis woman and leader, connected with my culture. I am guided by core values, one of which is reciprocity; as I have learned so much by participating as a youth in MNBC events, I want to ensure all Métis youth in BC feel empowered to be involved.

I believe in the voices of our strong Métis youth leaders and community members to create solutions and take action on issues that affect Métis youth. I am thankful for the opportunity to facilitate youth voices by continuously learning from them while encouraging all Métis youth in BC to participate in the important decisions being made in the interest of the nation. With strong communication and leadership skills, I hope to support and grow the Youth Ministry and its governance.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how to get involved or be connected to other Métis youth in your community! I would love to get to know you!

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