Monique Auger

Monique Auger

| Lower Mainland Regional Youth Representative |

My family originally comes from La Prairie, Quebec, and Port Simpson, BC, but my family has lived on Vancouver Island for six generations, as grateful visitors on Coast Salish Territory; we are proud members of the Métis Nation of British Columbia and the Métis Nation of Greater Victoria.

I work as an Indigenous research and evaluation consultant at Reciprocal Consultant, and am a graduate student in Health Sciences, studying community-based conceptualizations Métis mental health and culture, at Simon Fraser University. I also am involved with the urban Indigenous community in Vancouver in a variety of volunteer positions, including the YWCA Metro Vancouver and the McCreary Centre Society.

I have lived in Vancouver for three years, and am happy to call this city my home. However, I do know how hard it can be for us, as Métis youth, to connect with each other in a large city. I would be honoured to be able to serve in a position where I could help to connect with youth throughout the region and share their voices with our provincial network. I also sit as a representative of MNBC at the Unified Aboriginal Youth Collective and see exciting synergies between these roles.

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