Bailie Copeland

Bailie Copeland introduced herself at the Fort St. John Métis Society office.
When she heard we were looking for a youth rep for the Fort St John Métis Society she
presented her resume to the board and it was passed to have her fill the youth rep.

On the board, she has provided excellent insight into how to gather youth
participation and has accepted the commitment to organizing the youth to decorating the
float and riding the float for the Canada Day and Christmas parades. It is expected that
she will have a substantial role in coordinating and recruiting youth into the Métis Youth
and Elder Culture Camp.

Bailie continues to attend board meetings and helps out. As we were preparing for our
2018 events, the Louis Riel Celebration and the Youth and Elders Christmas Dinner,
Bailie handed out donation letters to local businesses, followed up with them and came
back with some awesome monetary donations, prizes, and in-kind donations. Bailie had
helped with our food booth held on Feb 16, 2019.

As the Youth Rep., Bailie has volunteered to become an administrator on the Fort St.
John Métis Society facebook page and has posted information and notifications for our

We are now planning our 2019 events, and she is providing support and input/guidance.

She is very active with a full-time job as a bus driver and is pursuing a master's degree. She helps her family while they compete in the high school rodeo circuit and also competes in rodeos.

Alana Copeland, Bailie’s mother, has provided us with the following information in support of this application:
“She started figure skating when she was 4 did well at that but her love was animals and the outdoors started 4h when she was 9 did horse 4h till she was 11 then took a steer in beef 4h every year until she graduated she made money to go
to college with 4h beef sales. in high school, she was always the top of her class winning the top academic award at upper pine the Henry harder award. She also took a college-level beef husbandry course while she was in high school through
Fairview College. From the age of 6 to present-day her love is horses she showed all over the country at a top-level even being asked to join team Canada when she was 18]… [You’ll still find her at the arena helping her brother or exercising his
horses for him. After high school, she went to NIC and got an associate degree got married and now is pursuing her masters in political science and then law.”