Carrington Mitchell

Carrington Mitchell

Carrington has been an active member of Métis Nation Columbia River Society since she was 3. Since that time, she has participated in countless events, barbecues, camps, gathering workshops, long arduous meetings, and celebrations. However Carrington did not just attend these events, but from the age of 4, she presented and performed at these and many other events throughout the community of Golden and others with the province of British Columbia.

Carrington learned to dance in the traditional Métis style and plays the fiddle before she started school. With Li Jigeurs Mechif Cultural Troupe, she performed and taught around the Kootenays, volunteering her time throughout the years. At these events, she not only taught the dance steps but also provided the audience with historical information about the dances, the troupe, and the Métis people and their origin. Some of the events that she has performed at are annual Louis Riel Days, Canada Day, Olympic Ceremonies, Multicultural Festivals, and the Tenth Annual MNBC Annual General Meeting. She also attended Michif Camp for three years and helped to teach what she learned at workshops.

Carrington is currently the community Youth Representative for Métis Nation Columbia River Society, she is a gracious, interested and valued member of the Board. She attends the meetings, travels to Regional Youth events, and is currently planning an elder’s gathering that will be hosted by local youth.

At school, Carrington works diligently at successfully achieving a position on the Honour Roll in the French Immersion Program. She also works part-time in the service industry and continues to take fiddle and violin lessons. As a volunteer member of the local community orchestra, Carrington practices with them weekly and performs biannually at community concerts.

Carrington faces challenges in her life and succeeds despite them. Her younger sister was born with a heart issue. She required extensive medical care, including a heart transplant at the age of three. She will soon be on the waiting list for her second heart and now has diabetes. Her sister’s need has very often needed to come first, taking Carrington’s parents out of town for extended periods of time. Thankfully, she has Kokum Davene to care for her. These challenges have required Carrington to mature and become the beautiful person she is, but it has rarely been easy.