In Memory of Micah Messent

In Memory of Micah Messent

A role model is a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated, a person who is inspiring, motivating, aspirational and has a lasting impact on the lives and hearts of others. This year we would like to honour Micah John Messent as one of our Métis Youth Role Models.

On March 10, 2019, we received devastating news about the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash, on which Micah was traveling on his way to the United Nations Environment Assembly. Micah was a proud registered Métis Citizen of Métis Nation British Columbia and a member of MIKI’SIW Métis Association. He had a passion for BC parks and the ocean. After graduating in 2017 with a degree from Vancouver Island University’s Indigenous Studies program, Micah participated in the BC government’s Indigenous Youth Internship Program. Most recently, Micah was an Indigenous Relations Analyst at BC Parks.

Micah had dreams of being a lawyer and was planning to attend law school where he felt he could affect the most significant change in advancing the efforts for reconciliation. Friends, family and his community are remembering Micah as a leader, an activist and an all-around incredible human being.

Micah was a bright young leader whose influence and contributions will be felt for generations. His positive energy, ability to make everyone feel included and commitment to make the world a better place will forever inspire us.

Micah was a Métis Youth Role Model in every sense of the definition. Our hearts go out to Micah’s family, friends, and community. He will be greatly missed.

- Cassidy Caron,
Provincial Youth Chair,
Minister Responsible for Métis Youth

“The Métis Nation stands together in honour of this young Métis man who was living a life committed to doing good in his community and for the environment,” – Clément Chartier, President of the Métis National Council.

“When we lose a young member of our community, the whole Métis Nation mourns. The life Micah lived was one of great service to his ancestors and to his natural environment. He will be missed not only for who he was but for what he may have accomplished,” – Clara Morin Dal Col, President of the Métis Nation British Columbia.