Matthew Britton

Matthew Britton

Matthew Britton is a youth member of Golden Ears Métis Society. Matthew participates in the Aboriginal Leadership Program that School District 42 offers. He has received Attendance, Leadership and Citizenship Awards from the Aboriginal Education Department.

Matthew is a Flight Corporal in his local air cadet squadron. He usually does cadet activities five days a week. He is very dedicated to his squadron and competes on four of their six competitive teams. He was the youngest member of the Senior First Aid team. Despite the fact that he struggles to read the written exams and the fact that he had not taken the first aid course, Matthew competed and his team won the Provincial First Aid Championship. (Matthew went on his own time and completed the first aid course after the competition was over.) He has a passion for marksmanship and competes on both the Range and the Biathlon teams.

He is also a member of the competition band and plays the saxophone. Matthew never fails to participate in any fund raising or volunteer activities that the air cadets support. This year Matthew practiced on his own time and was chosen for the honor guard at our local cenotaph on Remembrance Day. When not in school or at cadets, Matthew enjoys the outdoors very much.

He spends a great deal of his spare time fishing and exploring the woods around our home. He is a member of the Mission Rod and Gun Club. He does archery and rifle shooting with his father and older brother. Last fall Matthew attended a Sports Development Camp and was chosen to compete for Team BC’s Rifle Marksmanship Team. He went to the North American Indigenous Games this past summer and brought home three medals. He attends cultural gatherings with our family and connects with other Métis youth. He is very proud of his Métis heritage and enjoys speaking about his infamous grandfather ‘Waccan’ Boucher.

The truly inspirational thing about Matthew is his personality. When asking the adults in his life how they would describe Matthew, they invariable said that he is kind, considerate, polite, and respectful. When asking some of the other cadets how they would describe Matthew and the words that they used were; kind, gentle, calm, and happy. He never has a mean thing to say about anybody.