February 19, 2018
News Releases

The Jig Is Up – The Ultimate Métis Youth ‘Adulting’ Resource Guide

The Jig Is Up – The Ultimate Métis Youth ‘Adulting’ Resource Guide is an initiative of Métis Nation British Columbia’s (MNBC) Ministry of Youth, which strives to provide culturally relevant programs and services for Métis Youth across BC.

The information provided should be used as a guide only, as we acknowledge information is always being updated and changed when it comes to British Columbia’s youth-oriented resources.

Métis-specific information that supports the present and future success of Métis youth can be challenging to find. Métis youth must determine what careers are available, what their interests are, and what skills they have or need to develop. This Resource Guide provides information about Métis culture, career planning, budgeting, healthy living, and other resources available for Métis Youth in British Columbia; it offers a wide range of practical information, tips and checklists to support Métis youth to discover and plan their life paths.

The MNBC Ministry of Youth gratefully recognizes the financial contribution of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada in developing this Métis Youth Resource Guide.

For any questions about this publication or to contact the MNBC Ministry of Youth, please visit our websites at www.mnbc.ca and www.metisyouthbc.com or call Métis Nation British Columbia toll-free at 1-800-940-1150

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