December 21, 2018
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"Honouring our Past, Embracing our Future"- Youth Forum

This is the tenth annual youth forum co-hosted by the Unified Aboriginal Youth Collective (UAYC) in partnership with the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation. The UAYC forum will bring together youth leaders from each of the UAYC member organizations, Elders, and leadership from Indigenous organizations, government, and other stakeholders to provide strategic input on priority issues to youth and government, to network, develop new skills, and share knowledge and culture.

Travel and accommodation will be booked by the UAYC member organizations and paid for by the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation. This will include a chartered bus for Vancouver Island and mainland participants, flights where necessary, hotels, and other necessary travel logistics. Shared room accommodations are mandatory as the venue is dorm style accommodations. Please ensure that your contact information on the forms is complete, and that your travel and preferences are clearly stated. We will do our best to accommodate travel request but they are booked by the most
economical way of travel. Once your registration forms have been submitted, you will be contacted to arrange a travel booking.

Registration Procedures:
Each organization can register a maximum of 10 individuals. Each UAYC Member organization will have rooms available to divide between Elders, Elders’ assistants, youth and chaperones as they see fit. Please keep rooming arrangements in mind when creating your registration list. Room sharing will be required as the venue is dorm style accommodations.

Additional Information:
● Full contact information needs to be included on every form.
● Registrations must be completed for youth, Elders, Elders’ assistants and chaperones AND alternates.
● Please note that due to funding and space limitations, alternates will not attend the forum unless any of the other delegates state that they cannot attend.
● Travel will be booked in the most cost-effective manner possible. In cases where it is cheaper to fly than drive, costs for driving will not be reimbursed.
● For participants travelling by car, only the driver will be paid the mileage reimbursement.
● Travel costs such as bus fare or taxi fare to get to the forum and back will be reimbursed after the event.
● Participants will be financially responsible for any fees due to flight changes or cancellation.
● For participants travelling by plane, you MUST HAVE TWO (2) pieces of valid picture ID in order to board the plane. A driver’s license or passport will be accepted. A status card, Métis card, birth certificate, or SIN card may not be accepted by airlines.


Download the Registration Package:

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