September 20, 2018
News Releases

Completion of the fourth Annual Provincial Youth Forum - Revitalizing Our Culture (ROC) – Métis Youth Forum

The MNBC Ministry of Youth and Métis Youth British Columbia (MYBC) are proud to announce the successful completion of our fourth Annual Provincial Youth Forum (Revitalizing Our Culture (ROC) – Métis Youth Forum). This Forum, which took place on August 19th to August 22nd 2018, brought together 47 Métis Youth delegates and a number of chaperones, Elders, and facilitators for an incredibly dynamic weekend at the rustic Strathcona Park Lodge (located 45 minutes outside of Campbell River, BC).

The Forum provided opportunities for Métis Youth to network with other youth from across the province while learning more about their Métis culture and reconnecting to the land. At the Forum, Youth participated in a number of workshops and other opportunities, including:

- An evening of learning how to play the spoons (led by Elder Betty Gladue)
- An opportunity to learn from Community Presidents in Region 1 about Métis Youth involvement
- A traditional Elder-led sashing ceremony, where Youth were gifted a Youth Sash;
- A Métis Plant Use teaching (led by Lisa Shepherd) & an Ecology Hike/Walk;
- A beading workshop led by Lisa Shepherd;
- A medicine wheel workshop led by Lorelei Lyons;
- Tipi Building with Elder Stella Johnson and Joy Bremner;
- An evening of bannock and drumming around the moon-lit fire;
- A fun and bannock-filled canoe journey;
- A climate change discussion with Elders and Youth;
- A fun jigging workshop led by Lisa Shepherd; and
- A traditional smudging ceremony and closing circle led by Elders and Lorelei Lyons.

The Forum also provided the Métis Youth with a variety of physical activity opportunities. These activities, led by the incredible staff at the Strathcona Park Lodge, included: a high ropes obstacle course, zip-lining, tree-climbing, and rock climbing!

Keep an eye out for the next ROC Forum video which highlights these incredible opportunities as they happened. We can’t wait to see the footage our amazing videographer captured on why Youth think it’s important for them to get involved with their Communities, the Ministry of Youth, and their Nation.

The MNBC Ministry of Youth and MYBC look forward to hosting more Métis Youth Forums and youth-related events in the future.

If you are a Métis Youth (ages 15 to 30) and are interested in getting involved, please join the Métis Youth British Columbia Facebook page and check out our website at

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