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Congratulations on completing the ‘Find Your Path’ career survey. Based on your answers, here are the occupational types (by percentage) that closely align with your work preferences.

enterprising Careers

Management Occupations

Human Resource manager, Restaurant & Food service manager, Senior government manager, Financial manager, Fire Chief, Health Care Manager, Corporate Manager

Sales & service

Merchandiser, Sales Representative, Real Estate Agent, Food Service Supervisor, Insurance agent, Food Service Manager

Business, finance, and administration

Stock Broker, Investment dealer, Purchasing Agent, Financial Advisor, Entrepreneur

Occupations in education, law and social, community and government

Lawyer, Judge, Advocate, Court Worker

investigative Careers

Natural & Applied Sciences & Related Occupations

Air traffic controller, Computer network technician, Civil, electrical or mechanical engineer, Architect, Urban Planner, Meteorologist, Biologist, Engineering manager, Information system manager

Occupations in education, law & social, community & government services

Firefighter, Police Officer, Probation & Parole officer, Research Assistant, Judge, Lawyer, Teacher, Professor, Economist, Policy Analyst, Public administration Manager

Health Occupations


conventional Careers

Business, finance, and administration

Receptionist, Executive Assistant, Payroll clerk, Shipper Receiver, Inventory control worker, Bookkeeper, Claims examiner, Tax enforcement officer, Certified general accountant, Investment analyst, Financial auditor, Stockbroker, Controller, Treasurer

Natural and Applied Sciences and related occupations

Software technical support analyst, Systems tester, Biostatistician, Mathematician, Data administrator,  Database analyst, Web developer, Computer programmer

artistic Careers

Creative & Performing Arts

Performing Artist (actor/model/musician), Choreographer, Producer, Director, Acting teacher, Gallery Manager, Library Supervisor, Art Centre Manager

Creative designers & craftpersons

Painting & Restoration Technician, Graphic designer, 3D animation artist, layout designer

Writing, translating, & related communications professionals

Editor, Playwright, Reporter, Speech writer, Technical writer, Author, Publisher, Blogger, Critic

Announcers & Other Performers

Talk show host, Disc Jockey, Radio Host, Weather Reporter

realistic Careers

Manufacturing & Utilities

Furniture packer, Aircraft assemblers, Furniture finishers, Woodworking machine operators, Operations manager

Trades, transport & equipment operators & related occupations

Transport & heavy equipment operators, Longshore workers, Automotive service technicians (mechanics), Construction contractors and supervisors, Train crew operators, Crane operators, drillers, & blasters, Transportation managers, Construction managers.

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